THERE are two major and most common ways in which the grip can be incorrect and cause problems with your swing and the direction of the golf ball.

If your hands are too far over to the right hand side and displaying three or more knuckles on your left hand then your grip is to be considered to be ‘strong’ and can lead to shots going to the left.

If your hands are in the opposite position and too much over to the left of the grip with one or less knuckles visible on your left hand then your grip is considered ‘weak’ and can cause shot to be hit to the right hand side.

The third and less obvious fault you can have with the grip is if you are gripping the club too much in the palm of your left hand.

This is most commonly seen by a hole or severe rubbing on the underside of your glove.

If you tend to find yourself having to replace your glove too often then it is likely that you are holding the club too much in your palm (below left).

You should try to hold the club more in the base of the fingers (below right).