WE all want to hit our short shots around the green nice and high, landing softly so that you get ultimate control.

To do this you need to have a solid base so that you can control the strike and get a nice sweet crisp strike.

Do this by having your weight positioned on your forward leg by about 65/35.

This will help you hit slightly downwards on the golf ball.

Next you need to maintain the loft of the club through the swing.

You need to keep the face of the club facing up to the sky as you swing through the ball.

To help you do this choose a lofted club, such as a lob wedge, and feel that you keep the palm of your hand looking up at the sky through impact, keeping the loft on the club.

The alternative of rolling your hands over through the strike closes the face which makes the ball roll on.

By keeping the loft on the club this should help the ball check on the first bounce and help the ball to stop quickly.