PITCHING can be a difficult part of the game to execute but played correctly you can really save yourself shots as you go around the course.

An important part of playing the perfect pitch shot is the roll of the body.

Most players get a little bit too static when faced with a sort shot over a bunker and just use their hands and arms to try and scoop the ball onto the green.

In fact the best way to play the shot is to play it as more of a mini golf swing.

That means that you move your body the same as if you were playing a full swing shot, but you only move all of your body a smaller amount.

You still need to turn your shoulders and hips and you still need to hinge your wrist and swing your arms, it’s just that you only need to do it a little depending on how far you have to go.

The best pitchers are generally played by players who focus on their pit of their stomach as the centre of the swing and let the arms follow the body as it turns through, almost creating a kind of lag effect in relation to the arms lagging behind the body.