HAVING your eyes in an incorrect position is a common mistake for golfers when on the putting green.

This can have a disastrous impact on the player’s alignment and can also affect the putting stroke.

The perfect set-up position is to be leant over from the hips so that your eyes are directly above the ball.

This a good start for two reasons. One, it gets your self in a balanced position but also allows your eyes to look directly down the line of your intended putt.

Having your eyes positioned either too far inside the line of the putt or too far outside the putts is sending incorrect information to your brain as to the location of the hole and can be confusing.

This influences the direction of your putting stroke, leading to missed putts.

So next time you are on the putting green, take the ball and once you are in the set-up position drop it from the bridge of your nose (above) and play the ball from where the ball lands.

This will mean that your eyes are over the ball and you will be looking directly down the line of your putt, leaving you to make a smooth stroke and send the ball into the hole.

You can also use a putting mirror like I am (left) to help you line up correctly.