ONE of the hardest shots to play in golf is a shot over a bunker to a firm green or when the flag is not very far on the green.

To get the ball close you need to both get the ball high and to create some spin on the ball to get the ball to stop quickly.

Firstly you need to use the correct equipment for the job at hand. I would recommend you use either a sand wedge of around 56 degrees or ideally a lob wedge of 60 degrees.

Next I would recommend having a ball position opposite the inside of your heel of your forward leg.

Next you need to position yourself, as with most short game shots, with your weight favouring your left leg 65 per cent.

To get this feeling take your left hand and let it slide down your forward leg so that it touches your knee cap. This will get the feeling your need to play the shot.

Next is the most important step – as you play the shot you need to feel your right hand facing the sky through impact.

You must also keep your body turning to face the target as you do this.

This will ensure that the face does not turn over and keeps the loft constant. This should pop the ball up landing softly on the green.