DRIVERS involved in traffic chaos along the A346 are unlikely to be surprised at new figures which reveal it is one of the top three most complained about roads in the country, alongside Oxford Street in London.

While the road is currently closed due to a large truck which crashed near Ogbourne St George, research has shown that the road is in fact in the top three most complained about road in the UK.

a Wiltshire Police spokesman said: "Due to the recovery of a large truck from the A346, near Ogbourne St George, the road will be closed in both directions for at least the next hour."

Residents wrote to Wiltshire Council 304 times in 2016/17 to raise issues regarding the stretch of road between Burbage and junction 15 of the M4, going through Marlborough, Ogbroune st Andrew and Ogbourne st George.Figures released by Car Parts 4 Less show that Oldham Road in Manchester and Oxford Street in London are the only two roads which have had more complaints.

The road has been plagued by problems over the last few months, with pot holes causing misery to road users, tail backs throughout Marlborough at temporary traffic lights and the Ogbourne St Andrew Thames Water improvements keeping residents awake as drivers used noisy ramps to avoid the dug up area. A Wiltshire Council spokesman said: “We appreciate the inconvenience caused to road users when essential roadworks take place, and do all we can to minimise the impact. The condition of the A346 south of Marlborough deteriorated rapidly last year, so repair work was carried out at 10 locations at the beginning of April 2017.”

Emily Trow, of Herd Street which is part of the A346, said: “Cars tend to speed up the hill with no regard to speed limits or road conditions. I have even seen cars even beeping their horns at ambulances and the dustbin lorry. These roads are not built to sustain such constant and heavy use. It is only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured on this stretch.”

David Shaw, also of Herd Street, has appealed about the road numerous times but feels his concerns have gone unnoticed.

In one of the letters sent to Wiltshire Council about the bottleneck caused by temporary traffic lights outside the new Redrow development, Mr Shaw was told “the Council’s Highway Officer is satisfied that they have secured the best scenario available to them within the confines of the planning system.”

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