FAIRTRADE supports are working to boost employment and economic opportunities in an African village in The Gambia by encouraging its mango export industry.

The Marlborough Fairtrade committee has gathered a panel of Fairtrade specialists to discuss ways of transforming the mango trade in The Gunjur. Marlborough has been partnered with the Muslim community of Gunjur in The Gambia for 35 years. The West Coast region of The Gambia is rich in thousands of mango trees, but the majority of the fruit lies rotting on the ground.

The expert panel includes Gambians now living in Bristol, Perez Ochieng, a Kenyan importer of sweet potato from Kenya and Malcolm Johnston who has experience of importing papaya from Ghana.

Wiltshire teenagers will also quiz the experienced panel about trade, before they travel to The Gunjur in August to work with the Mango Growers Cooperative there.Marlborough has been recognised as a Fairtrade Town since 2016. The meeting takes place on Saturday evening in Marlborough Town Hall from 6.30pm and is free to the public.