TREE felling by developers has sparked outrage from residents, who believe that it is an unnecessary part of the building process.

The Salisbury Road development in Marlborough will see up to 175 new homes built, including affordable housing, and work has already begun to prepare the land.

A proposed change to the application has added flats to the area opposite the proposed hotel, raising the number of planned homes from 168 to 172.

Last week contractors visited the site and cut a number of trees down.

Sara Daw, of Orchard Road, said: “Local people are concerned about the way in which Redrow are working. They have utter contempt for local people. They have cut down trees which had been there for years and were a haven in the spring for song birds.

“We feel like we are not being listened to by Wiltshire and Marlborough councils.

“I accept we need more housing but the way that Redrow have gone about it is not correct. Residents have concerns about pollution and wildlife destruction.”

Redrow Houses said that planned tree felling had taken place to learn more about the condition of the trees.

A spokesman for Redrow South West said: “As part of the planning conditions for this development, detailed arboriculture studies of the condition of the trees on site are being undertaken and appropriate schedules of work agreed with the council. We are implementing these works now.

“In due course as the site is developed new tree planting and landscaping, also agreed with the local planning authority as part of the planning consent, will be undertaken.”

Criticism of Redrow has also been raised by locals after orange cones were left strewn across the road near the Salisbury Road roundabout and large vehicles entering the site through a narrow track caused traffic delays.

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