DRIVERS have been left feeling deflated in Marlborough after it was revealed that the town has the worst record for unsafe tyre pressures in the country.

During a week long initiative for tyre safety month, ATS Euromaster found that 91 per cent of cars in the town have at least one underinflated tyre and nine per cent had at least one over inflated tyre, a 100 per cent fail rate.

Out of 28 ATS Euromaster centres across the country which held the free vehicle health check, Marlborough reported the highest number of problem tyres.

Nigel Canto, centre manager at ATS Euromaster, Marlborough, said: “We know that underinflated tyres are a huge problem across Britain but we were blown away that we didn’t see a single retail or fleet customer running tyres at the correct pressure in Marlborough.

“Underinflated tyres pose a serious safety hazard, as they increase braking distance, meaning your tyre pressure could be the difference between stopping safely and causing a serious accident. Overinflated tyres can be just as dangerous because they’re not able to get a good grip on the road and are more likely to puncture, which could be disastrous if travelling at faster speeds.”

By comparison Swindon was revealed as one of the top in country with 59 per cent of cars driving on four correctly pumped tyres.