A FLASH mob in Marlborough High Street erupted onto the busy town centre this morning, as 240 children from eight primary schools burst into spontaneous dance.

Children had their dancing feet and jazz hands ready for the live performance, which marked the beginning of the town’s annual Literature Festival.

Dancing to the David Garrett version of the song Dangerous, children aged six, seven and eight were inspired by the big picture book read Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and dressed up in their wildest outfits for the performance.

The primary schools that participated were St Michael’s Aldbourne, Ramsbury, St Katharine’s Savernake, Preshute, St Mary’s Marlborough, Chilton Foliat, Great Bedwyn and Woodborough.

The dance was choreographed by St Marys Marlborough PE teacher Rachel Haines who then recorded the moves and sent on to the seven other participating school.

Gill Macdonald, of the Lit Fest said: “It went even better than we had hoped because it was a beautiful sunny September day and there were plenty of mum and dads and other family there to enjoy the show. It was a proper flash mob because it was over in four minutes. Traffic was stopping or passing very slowly and there were some interested look from the drivers about what was going on.

“It really was a feat of organisation.”