STAFF at a bakery in Malmesbury say they are owed a months wages, and the manager has since resigned following ongoing payment issues.

The Old Bakehouse on the High Street was closed today (Thurs feb 1), with a sign stuck on the door saying it is closed for a few days due to "unforeseen urgent repairs", but will reopen soon.

The bakery was taken over in August 2016 by The Oven Door Bakery, based at Long Sutton in Somerset, and company director Nicholas Gould.

The 15-strong workforce at The Old Bakehouse were due to be paid yesterday, but none of them have received January's wages and now claim they are out of work.

They also say they haven't received payslips for a number of months, so have no idea if they have been paid properly.

Steve Whalley, 60, was manager at the bakery for 14 years before resigning, and said that supplies were running low because suppliers also weren't being paid.

He said he hasn't been given holiday or pension pay, and is owed £4,000.

"We didn’t get paid yesterday so we refused to work. We don’t think we have been paid properly as we haven’t been getting wage slips.

"I haven’t had a day off or any holidays, and work 18 hours a day to keep the business going. When I asked for holiday pay last year it wasn't given it to me. I am not the kind of person to keep it going without any pay. We should have been paid yesterday. 15 people are out of work now.

"Local suppliers also haven't been paid, which is why we ran out of produce.

"We are frustrated. A lot of people were crying as they have no money to pay the bills.

"We wish someone could do something about it.

"I would like to thank everyone for their custom over the years."

When questioned over the lack of payment, Company Director Nicholas Gould, said: "The site is currently shut, undergoing works. There is a re-organisation of the business at the same time, following a commercial review of its operation. This will include a consultation process for redundancy. This is due to a review of the staffing needs based upon any proposed new business models and in light of certain financial data.

"Staff have been invited to make their claims for payment and they will be processed, once received.

"The economic climate is demanding, with retail sales depressing some by 20 per cent and since the Brexit decision, the cost of raw materials have increased significantly.

"Staffing costs have increased by some 22 per cent. It is very difficult to pass these costs onto the consumer or wholesale customer.

"Therefore, as it has been seen with many businesses since the New Year, it is necessary to review the business.

"Commercial viability is crucial to any business.

"Any impacts arising are unfortunate and regrettable, but we have to review our position, complete our works, and seek to re-open shortly."