A PUB on the High Street in Malmesbury has been taken over by a new general manager who hopes it will become a hub for the community.

Nik Carson took over The Smoking Dog just before Christmas, and now the dust has settled, has asked for feedback from the community so the pub can be brought back to its former glory.

Mr Carson, who has worked for Butcombe Brewery for the last three years, said: "I am excited about this venture.

"Now the dust has settled we are going to try and implement this as a place for the community.

"All the feedback I've had is that it used to be such a great place and used to be the place to go.

"Everyone felt they had ownership of it, so I am going to be drawing from a lot of that feedback of what people want the place to be.

"I still want to keep it dog and family friendly, welcome to everyone if you like.

"I don't think Malmesbury has a place where all are welcome, with lots of events."

Before taking over at The Smoking Dog, Mr Carson worked at The Pig and Fiddle in Bath, and is looking forward to trying something new.

"The Pig and Fiddle, that is a different beast", he said. "It is really about students and bands, and this opportunity now, it is a little more child-friendly.

"It is a good opportunity for me to obviously learn the different aspects of the business, and really engage with the community."