A Gazette and Herald reader criticised the government’s handling of a Devizes health services.

Sue Buxton, of Morris Lane, wrote to the paper to express her frustrations about the way NHS centres have been managed, the sales of old properties and the lacking qualities of the new one.

She said: “How many times have I heard Conservative ministers saying recently, “We have a plan”?

“Sadly it seems to me that any plans they have are very short–term, made on the spur of the moment to get them out of a hole, without any kind of feasiblity study. (e.g. Rwanda) “They make a habit of it!

“Austerity was their political plan!

“Did they not know, or did they not care about the terrible consequences their decision would have on our public services and the lives of ordinary working people?

“Interest rates then were very low, if only the government had borrowed and invested in jobs and public services, we would have had a healthier, better educated population, who would be paying taxes.

“This would have been a much better plan!

“They had a plan when the Health and Social Care Act was passed in 2012, when the management, maintenance and development of all NHS properties was handed to NHS Property Services, a national company, owned by the government. “This has meant that since 2012, when NHS properties in Devizes were sold, the monies raised went into a national pot instead of being available for health facilities in Devizes.

“Was it part of the plan not to hold NHS Property Services to account, when they sold the NHS clinic in New Park Street to Majestic, or for leaving the Devizes Community Hospital in a state of decline over many years - apart from moving the clinics to it, of course - until now when they are starting the process of trying to sell it off?

“What are the plans now for Southgate House in Pans Lane?

“I know that plans were submitted earlier to sell the land off for housing, but were later withdrawn.

“For many years, the people of Devizes have been told by two Conservative MPs - Claire Perry and Danny Kruger - that there were plans to open a new hospital facility in Devizes.

“And, yes, at last the new Integrated Care Centre opened in Marshall Road. last year!

“The building looks good, and any extra Health Facility for Devizes is to be welcomed!

“But, was it part of the plan to build the centre without enough staff to work in it?

“Was it part of the plan to make elderly patients, who previously walked a short distance to their GPs surgery for a blood test, having to catch a bus to Marshall Road for the same blood test, administered by the same staff?”