Actor Aidan Turner, who plays Ross Poldark in the BBC’s new adaptation of the Cornish period drama Poldark, looked brooding as he strode the streets of Corsham today.

Mr Turner, 30, who made his name in Being Human and playing a dwarf in the Hobbit trilogy, went through a number of takes of the same scene which saw him have a chance encounter with his former fiancee Elizabeth Chynoweth played by Heida Reed.

Corsham High Street was transformed for the filming as shop fronts were turned into those that would not have looked out of place in 18th century Truro.

Smoke was wafted across the set to create more atmosphere as scores of extras in period dress loitered on the street and people rode horses down the road.

Art director Becky Harvey said: “Corsham was an excellent choice for us as so many of the buildings are from the right period and are quite similar to ones in Truro.

"We had to create shop fronts for some of the buildings but they fit in really well with what is already here.”

Workers in Corsham Post Office were at the heart of the action as their building was transformed into a shop selling fine art.

Customers were allowed across the set to do their shopping or conduct Post Office business between takes.

Staff member Margaret Thomas said: “We are all really enjoying it. It is amazing how they have transformed our building and others in the street.

"All the staff keep popping our heads out the door to see what is going on.”

Actress Eleanor Tomlinson who plays the part of Demelza, which made a star of the late Anghared Rees, could also be spotted today with her hair in a pink net watching the action before she went into hair and make-up for a scene in a pilchard market.

A date has not yet been finalised for when the new version of Poldark will hit the TV screens but it is not expected to be until 2015.

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