A CAMPAIGN to improve life on the road for the country's truckers has been boosted following a private visit from Roads Minister Jesse Norman.

The minister visited Chippenham Pit Stop last week to see what the award-winning truck stop had done to help truckers over the last three years.

"The pit stop with its great facilities, home cooled food and even an onsite gym, sets a national standard within an increasingly professionalised industry," he said.

While 90 per cent of the UK's domestic and commercial goods are being carried by road, there is a growing shortage of young drivers due to long hours spent behind the wheel.

So the pit stop crew, led by managing director David Hatherell, have been working hard to provide facilities and campaigns drawing attention to the conditions drivers face.

"We are hoping we can lead by example so that service conditions for life on the road can be improved across the country for drivers without whose efforts our entire domestic and commercial economy would grind to a halt," Mr Hatherell said.

"Currently hundreds of drivers are to be found parked up in laybys all over the UK at night mostly because of the lack of facilities where they can have a shower and enjoy a hot meal before retiring for the night."