RECENT flooding at Maud Heath's Causeway in Langley Burrell near Chippenham has added weight to the argument against further housing developments in North East Chippenham.

Wiltshire Police were required to assist a stranded vehicle in East Tytherton near Chippenham on New Years Eve (Dec 31) after six inches of flooding.

The river level of the nearby River Marden peaked at 1.87m at 6am the same day according to the Environment Agency's website.

Langley Burrell parish clerk, David Kilmister, said: "The locals have learnt to live with it but there's concerns it's getting more frequent and extreme. It's unfortunately become such a regular occurrence, some times that road is not passable but it does catch a few people out.

"Last winter, it was almost continuous for many months, its an on going problem.

"We are constantly raising these concerns with the local authority it lends more weight to our argument that there's enough as far as development goes in this area."

No homes were severely damaged by the high water levels with the majority of the flood water sitting on farm land.