THE situation at the landfill site near Compton Bassett has significantly improved after fire crews were called to a major fire there yesterday afternoon (Thursday, April 19).

Firefighters remain at the site, operated by Hills Waste Solutions, and a crew will remain overnight as a precaution.

Residents were advised last night to keep windows and doors shut, and this advice has now been lifted.

Currently, small pockets of smouldering material remains on site.

The Household Recycling Centre at the entrance of the Lower Compton site opened for business as usual at 9am this morning, and other services at the site - some of which support Wiltshire Council collection services) - are unaffected and continue to operate.

A spokesman for Hills, said: "A meeting between Hills, regulators and the Fire Service this afternoon at the

Lower Compton landfill has concluded that the situation on site is greatly improved.

"There is no longer any smoke moving off site and as a result the advice provided by the authorities for local residents to keep their windows and doors shut is no longer in force.

"Clay placement on the isolated pockets of smouldering material continues and one crew from the Fire Service will remain on site as a watching brief overnight.

"Sincere thanks are extended to all employees who have worked extremely hard to manage this situation and to the Fire Service for their assistance."