ADVICE for residents in Calne to keep their windows and doors closed still applies following a large fire at a landfill site near Compton Bassett yesterday afternoon (Thursday, April 19).

Fire crews were called to the recycling centre at 4.07pm and worked into the evening to contain the blaze. Although the fire was scaled down, it is still ongoing.

The landfill site is closed but the materials recycling facility, read-mixed concrete plant and the Honeyball household recycling centre are not affected by the incident and are open today as normal.

Three fire crews remain at the ladfill site including crews from Westlea and Stratton, and a high volume pump from Christchurch.

Firefighters are working to supress small pockets of fire and using mechanical diggers, and employees are using clay material to spread over the affected areas to smother the fire that remains.

The smoke plume is currently light, but DWFRS are advising local residents to keep windows and doors closed. Fire crews will remain on the site throughout the day.

There are no reports of any personal injury or damage to property.

A spokesman for Hills said: "The fire at Lower Compton landfill site was ignited when waste was tipped from one of our collection vehicles. Whilst at present we are trying to identify the exact source of fire within the waste, we would like to remind all residents of the importance of disposing of all waste material in a responsible manner."

Mike Hill, chief executive, said: "Our employees are well trained and reacted quickly to the situation. They immediately launched the on-site emergency plan and followed procedures for this type of incident."