GIRLS who damaged office chairs belonging to Calne Community Hub and Library have paid to have them replaced.

On February 9 at 6.30pm, two 14-year-old girls were captured on CCTV cameras removing four office chairs from the Library. The chairs were then left outside, some distance away from the library and following heavy rain that night were left unusable.

Community library manager for Calne, Joanna Smith advised Calne Police they would be willing to have the matter resolved using a Community Resolution being reimbursed for the cost of replacing the chairs, if the offenders could be identified.

Following CCTV images being released in the press and on Calne Police social media pages, the girls' parents contacted the Police. The girls, both from Chippenham admitted their involvement, and as part of the Community Resolution they have reimbursed the Community Hub and Library £154 each to pay for replacement chairs.

They have also been banned from entering the library unless accompanied by a parent or teaching professional.

On Friday, April 13, PCSO Mark Cook of the Calne Community Policing Team handed over £308 to the Community Hub and Library. He said: "I would like to pass on my thanks to the volunteers who assist us each week in Calne CCTV. The valuable support and commitment of everyone involved with Calne CCTV continues to have a huge impact in reducing anti-social behaviour, crime and the fear of crime within the local community.

"Damaging anyone's property is not acceptable, and we will always investigate and pursue any reasonable lines of enquiry to identify the persons responsible. In the past Calne has suffered with a great deal of anti-social behaviour connected to youths. This action hopefully goes some way in continuing to prevent that, and also reducing any fear of crime in Calne.

Ms Smith, added: "We are so grateful to PCSO Cook for his hard work which means the money we had to use to buy the new chairs has now been replaced.

"Calne Hub brings the community together through many activities in the library and community space that is available. This is a great example of everyone working together to bring about a positive result."