AN adventurous micropig caused panic amongst his owners when he escaped from the garden, but was found safe enjoying a little stroll around Calne.

Milo the micropig, who lives with his owners Simoné Partner and Joe Menghini on Sandpit Road, hadn’t strayed far from home when he went on the lookout for more food one Saturday evening. With the help of police and a family who enticed him with apples, he was safely returned home.

Miss Partner, who runs her own blog and YouTube channel Eltoria with over 100,000 subscribers, said this was the first time the mischievous Milo has escaped.

“He wasn’t gone for very long, about 20 minutes,” she explained. “We could hear slight oinks in the garden, and we heard a little squeal from the far distance from the kitchen window.

“My fiancé Joe went to see if he was there, but he wasn’t so panic set in for us both and we went out and shouted his name but we couldn’t hear him. Pigs are like little kids, if they hear their parents they will come to you.

“The gate was left slightly open a bit. Pigs have quite strong noses and he pushed it open and went on a little adventure, probably looking for more food.

“He walked along Sandpit Road and kept to the curb. Someone from the neighbouring estate to ours saw him and enticed him with an apple and he came over.

“I had called the police, and by that time my partner had found him and police were there. Police tried to put him in the back of their car but he only lets a few people pick him up so the police officer tied a rope around his neck. It was quite funny seeing him next to a police car.

“I don’t think Milo realised what had happened, he was excited to come back home, trotting along.”

One-year-old Milo is now fully grown and is about the same size as a Springer Spaniel.

Miss Partner used to live on a pig farm when she was younger. “Milo is really good but is a little devil. He loves playing games and loves being chased. He is mischievous but adorable and very friendly and he loves cuddles.

“He has a place outside with a massive almost dog kennel, and a run in the garden. He is allowed to come inside and when he wants he sits on the sofa. He isn’t allowed up the stairs, but he can’t get up them anyway because he is too fat!”

To keep up to date on what Milo is up to, he has his own Instagram page: @micromilo_