COMPTON BASSETT author Adrian Elmer has penned another novel from the perspective of his pets, after the success of the first two.

His third book continues to tell the story of how faithful canine Jack Labrador sees the world, and begins to show the world as seen through the eyes of Barney Labrador, his other four-legged companion.

Mr Elmer’s new book, which aims to make you laugh out loud, is titled The Transition Years.

It was a few years in the making as after Jack died he found it hard to get back into writing and change his writing style to show off Barney’s personality.

Like his other two books, this one follows the dogs during their day-to-day lives as they get up to mischief, playing with their owners, with every story holding at least a little grain of truth in it.

Both Jack and Barney are rescue dogs. Jack was trained as a gundog but was retired as he was unsettled by the loud noises, and Barney belonged to a woman who had to move to a care home.

“This book is about the same as the previous two, which is my take on how I think my dog sees the world,” Mr Elmer explained.

“It is the transition between my original dog Jack Labrador to Barney Labrador, who has been with me four years.

“We took him on when Jack was getting on, but we didn’t realise just how little time we had left with him.

“Someone said it is easier if you get another dog and then this doofus turned up.

“He’s not the same as Jack and that took me a while to get used to, he is quite the character.

“He doesn’t comprehend things, you can see him working things out and you can see him thinking. If he does something he gets told off for, he would do it again.

“When Jack died it took me a while to sort myself out and attempt a different writing style.

“I didn’t feel like writing for a while, he was part of my life for a long time, if you have dogs you realise.”

Mr Elmer began writing about the happenings of his dog’s life on a joke Facebook account written from the perspective of his pet, which proved very popular.

The Transition Years is on sale online at, price £10.90.