DOG groomer Karen Hobson made sure her Irish terrier was a truly pampered pooch and it paid off when she was named a winner at Crufts.

Ailis competed in the competition in Birmingham last week for the third time and was placed first in the Irish Terrier Limit Bitch class.

Owner Mrs Hobson, who runs Hobson’s Regal Hounds at London Road, Calne, is very proud of her winning dog.

And it looks like Ailis is following in her dad Ricky’s footsteps, as he flew in from America and won Irish Terrier Best of Breed and Reserve Best Terrier.

Mrs Hobson, said: “She was in there with five others in a really strong class. There were three there she had never beaten before.

“We were thinking she wouldn’t get anything because of the opposition but it is really good, she just flew.

“She just did brilliantly. She has won a number of awards in the past, a number of best of breeds and best in show last year, but winning her group in Crufts is just phenomenal.

“I can’t believe it, I was really pleased. She looked the best she ever has with her grooming, I got her grooming down to a fine tee. I am actually really pleased with myself and very proud, but I am still in disbelief that we managed it at the same time.” To celebrate she made dog-friendly muffins when they returned home.

Mrs Hobson said: “I think we are still in shock, we can’t quite believe it.”