FORMER and serving RAF personnel have shared their experiences and memories of their time at RAF Lyneham for a special exhibition celebrating 100 years of the Royal Air Force.

The exhibition runs until June 16 at REME Museum, on the site of the RAF Lyneham base which closed in 2012, showcases personal stories and memorabilia of people who had served at the RAF base.

Last Thursday, about 30 former and serving personnel who helped put together the exhibition and donated uniforms, badges and photographs, were invited to the Museum as a thank you from curator Jennifer Allison.

"I'm quite lucky because a lot of the local community is still RAF", she explained. "So when I put a call out by social media that we were looking for stories, a few people nominated themselves.

"They provided all the memories, the photographs, and items on display."

The exhibition also has blank areas where visitors people are invited to write up their memories and what they enjoyed about Lyneham.

Tony Evans, who was based in Lyneham from 1977 to 1997, holds very fond memories of his time at the base, and his time serving on six tours.

He said: "There are so many memories, but from a personal perspective, on one occasion I was in Cyprus and we got a call out on that day in 1983 of the suicide bomber in Beirut. We were called out to pick up the injured troops and bring them back. One minute you are doing piece time exercises, the next you are flying into a war zone."