FAMILIES have been enjoying a treat this half-term as they take part in an array of activities at the REME Museum in Lyneham, which includes an assault course.

Kids are being put through their paces as soldiers from MoD Lyneham lead them through the fun assault course as part of the half-term activities.

The youngsters are being timed as they make their way over a rope bridge, crawl under and climb over a number of obstacles and try to keep steady on the balancing beam and ropes, before sprinting across the finish line.

A range of indoor activities are also on offer this week including a hunt around the museum to find small Volkswagens, hidden among the exhibitis.

In the education area, families can build an airborne truck with its own parachute, design an REME recovery vehicle, or make trucks to run on an indoor drag-strip.

Oliver Parr, education officer at the REME Museum, said people have been enjoying the new activities on offer.

“We have a fixed assault course on site which is opened a few times a year when the soldiers can take around the families and give them a certificate.

““It is going really well, we have had a strong turn out and people seem really happy with it.

“We’ve put these activities on because we want to be able to get as many local families and people into the museum as possible, and as it is half term and the kids aren’t at school we like to put on extra events to draw in the crowds.”

The half term activities are running alongside the normal Museum events.

The REME Museum moved to Lyneham in 2015, and it boasts a collection of medals as well as weapons and military vehicles.

The half-term activities are running from 10am-3.30pm tomorrow (Friday). All activities are included in the admission price.

The assault course is suitable for children aged five to 12 to tackle alone, and under-fives can try it out if they are led by an adult.

To find out more, call 01249 894869, or visit www.rememuseum.org.