VOLUNTEERS have gathered with rakes and shovels for a new year clean up of the Cherhill White Horse.

Thanks to cattle making their way onto the hill figure and disturbing the lying chalk, turning it more brown and green than white, it was in need of a quick pick-me-up.

Chair of the Cherhill White Horse Restoration Group, Rob Pickford, said: "It was hard work, but we had a good amount of people there willing to help out and lend a hand.

"We scraped off the weeds and moss. The horse was a general green colour, it had weed growth so we took that off.

"We try not to scrape it often but put chalk back on. We plan to re-chalk every couple of years."

This is the third time helpful volunteers have done this since the White Horse's major restoration in 2002.

Mr Pickford said: "I feel their ought to be a forum so those looking after the other White Horses can discuss how they do it."

Anyone interested should send an email to: a4farmers@resource24.net.