LYNEHAM Military Wives Choir celebrated their first birthday in style as they recorded for this year’s Military Wives album.

Formed in January last year, the choir, compromising of serving military veterans and military wives, is the newest choir in the Military Wives Foundation, and this month recorded songs for We Will Remember Them.

All military wives’ choirs have a repertoire of four core songs, because of the nature of being in the military, or the partner of someone in the military, requires moving from base to base.

They recorded the songs at Clifton College Chapel in Bristol for the album, which will be released on June 30.

Kizzy Rowland, PR and promotion officer for Lyneham Military Wives Choir, said: “It was such an experience, it was like being at a silent disco.

“Having done a workshop the day before, we were one cohesive group and we made a beautiful sound. When they played back the recording, the majority of us were in tears. Everybody’s name will be on the album, so we are not just the choir.”