POLICE are asking people to remain vigilant after a suspicious woman claiming to be from the TV licensing collections department was demanding money in Calne.

On Tuesday at 1.15pm, the woman attended a house in Springfield Drive, and advised the homeowner his payments for his TV licence had not been paid for several months, but said the issue could be resolved by payment over the doorstep using her electronic card payment device.

The homeowner challenged this information, and the woman made excuses and quickly left the area.

PCSO Mark Cook of the Calne Community Police Team, said: “This matter is currently being investigated, but we are advising residents to be mindful when dealing with persons or ‘cold callers’ attending your home address.

"Although reports of this nature are rare in our area, please always check the identification of all persons and check with their employers. A genuine caller will be happy to wait for you to complete these checks. Never allow anyone to enter your home unless these checks have been done, and you are satisfied with the information given.

"Please dial 999 or 101 if you are unhappy or unsure of the callers intentions.”