TWENTY-THREE years after first being founded, Chippenham dance group That’s Entertainment will have the curtain fall for them one final time next month.

The group was set up by nine members, including Bev and Peter Henley alongside June Best, who are the only active founders still with the group.

“We just wanted to share the love of dancing really,” said Mrs Henley, who has been dancing since the age of six.

“We had the agreement with the Chippenham Hi-Lights that they would do panto and we would just do dancing production.

“We put an advert in the Gazette & Herald for people to come and audition and we had probably around 40 people.

“Our first performance was a Christmas concert for parents to come and watch and it took us a year to get the next performance together.

“That was Around the World in 80 Minutes which we performed in 1995. All our shows have been very good but I think Around the World was the best.

“Children of some of our first girls are now in the group and they have memories as well from when they performed.”

The group still currently practises and rehearses at the dance studio at Sheldon School, and holds its performances in the Neeld after outgrowing the stage in the school.

Hundreds of boys and girls from across Wiltshire have visited the group, which currently has 35 members, male and female, ranging from as young as five years old up to those in their mid-twenties.

They will perform for the final time at the Chippenham Neeld Community and Arts Centre on April 6-7 and two performances will also be held on April 8.