A WOMAN from Chippenham has just seen a fourth generation of her family start at Ivy Lane Primary after 30 years of her family’s involvement at the school.

Rosemarie Fisher, 49, of Westcroft, has proudly seen her grandson Elijah Mena enrol at the school, carrying on the family’s history at Ivy Lane. After starting at the school in 1973, Mrs Fisher saw her children, her mother and now her grandson walk through its doors.

“Me, my husband, my son and daughter and my mother were all involved with Ivy Lane. My mother Rosemary started working there as the cleaner and worked her way up to become the caretaker. Everyone knew her as the woman with all the keys. She worked there for over 20 years and left in 2001. When she died in 2014 we held a funeral and so many people she knew from the school turned up at the crematorium. She would be so proud to see Eli going to Ivy Lane, as are all the family,” said Mrs Fisher.

After starting in 1973, Mrs Fisher and her two brothers Mike and Alan regularly saw their mother at school, something all three of them enjoyed.

“It was brilliant having mum working there, she would bring in chocolate for us and keep it in her cleaning cupboard in the boy’s toilets. It was really nice having us all there. I still know people there who were teaching when my son and daughter went.” added Mrs Fisher.

Both of Mrs Fisher’s children, Heidi and Ricky, followed in their parent’s footsteps and also enrolled and attended the primary school and now Elijah will also be carrying on the tradition.

“It is amazing, I couldn’t believe it. We were all so chuffed when my daughter said that Eli would be going to the school. It is such a brilliant place and it has always been brilliant. He looks so cute in his little uniform too,” Mrs Fisher said.