A MAN from Langley Burrell cast his mind back to the famous 1966 World Cup Final at the weekend, 50 years since the triumphant win.

Richard Colthorpe, 68, of Pound Cottage, was one of the lucky England fans who showed up at Wembley Stadium to watch the game against Germany on July 30, with England triumphing 4-2. Mr Colthorpe got his ticket after a friend of his entered a prize draw to attend the game, and has framed his ticket and programme as a lasting memory of the day.

“I had attended four of the qualifying matches which entitled John and I to enter into a draw for the cup final tickets. John was successful in the draw but I was not so I sent £1.5 shillings to Wembley explaining that my friend could not go to the match without me as I was his transport. They sent me a ticket by return of post,” said Mr Colthorpe.

The programme and ticket will be passed down through his family as his son and grandson are also keen supporters. of the sport.

Mr Colthorpe, who lived in Felixstowe in Suffolk at the time of the World Cup, and moved to Langley Burrell in 1990, said: “I have supported and still support Ipswich Town since an early age, having seen them win the second division and first division championships in successive seasons, 1960/61 and 1961/2. I have only recently been reacquainted with my school friend after over 40 years, prompted by the World Cup anniversary memories.”

After travelling to London together, the two friends separated as their tickets were for seats in different stalls.

“I stood alongside some German supporters as segregation of supporters was unheard of at the time because there was never any crowd trouble. Imagine that today. I was quite despondent after West Germany scored the first goal but with a few minutes to go we were quite delirious with joy with England leading 2-1. Imagine the disappointment when the Germans scored a late equaliser sending the match into extra time. The match was tense and full of errors on both sides but the excitement more than made up for it,” Mr Colthorpe added.

Little did Mr Colthorpe know that he would be at one of the most famous moments in England sporting history. after an unexpected hat trick by Geoff Hurst.

“England scored a third goal in extra time and with seconds to go and I saw people running on the pitch thinking the match had ended. It was then that Geoff Hurst scored the famous final goal and his hat trick (the only one ever in a World Cup Final) and England had won 4-2. The crowd and I were jumping up and down and shouting and even the Germans joined in the celebrations although it would have been better if I had had a companion to share the moment with,” he said.

Still an avid football fan, Mr Colthorpe has since been to matches at Wembley, but recently hasn’t been able to find the time to go.

“I did go to subsequent England matches at Wembley for a while, including the match featuring Bobby Charlton’s 100th Cap. I do not attend matches nowadays, however, as the current style of possession football played by overpaid foreign mercenaries does not appeal to me. Instead I can be found on the golf course at North Wilts where I have been a member for 20 years. Over the weekend I watched a couple of programmes like the One Show which contained memories of the anniversary and listened to some of the radio programme with Jeremy Vine. My daughter, who lives in Chippenham, invited us over for an evening meal Saturday so had a glass or two, though not specifically to celebrate,” he added.