IT WAS the end of a twenty-one-year era when the Spring Spirit magazine for Corsham churches printed its final edition in December due to the ill health of a key member of staff.

The publication had been attempting to recruit new staff for several years but struggled on regardless but the sudden hospitalisation of advertising manager Hilary Light, 78 was the final straw.

Editor Gill McMahon, of Oathills, Corsham had retired the previous year and to maintain the magazine would have required a new editor, proof reader, treasurer and advertising manager.

Ms McMahon said: “The last few months were very difficult and then Hilary was in hospital so we came to the conclusion that we had had enough.

“We have been asking for help over the last few years but that was not forthcoming and it forced our hand.

“It is sad but that is how things are going. Whether it will come again in another form we will have to see.

“It was quite an interesting magazine for anyone who wanted to know what was happening and for anyone who was not from the area.”

Spring Spirit is the official monthly magazine of the Corsham Churches with regular contributions from the Women’s Institute, St Bart’s Mother’s Union, Corsham Gardeners’ Society and the Over 60s Club.

It grew out of another newsletter in 1994 called The Magazine which was the leaflet of St Bartholomew’s Church and the Parish of Greater Corsham.

Mr Light, of The Knowle, Corsham a former graphic designer, said: “We have been trying for years to get help with it and no one has come forward.

“It came to a head because I went into hospital. I have been there for 20 years as the advertising manager.

“The younger generation coming through are not interested in it but also the newly retired people are not coming forward either.

"If someone wanted to start it up they would have to start it up for themselves because we have walked away from it.

“It was good fun. It was interesting. People are going to be losing the reports from all the churches.”