FASCINATING photographs of Marlborough in 1915 that capture men from the town lining in the High Street dressed as soldiers as they prepare to join the First World War have been complied for an exhibition.

It gives a nostalgic glimpse at what the High Street once looked like before modern restaurant chains arrived and prior to parking bays being introduced.

Outside the Town Hall throngs of men gather ready for the departure of the battalion headed to the new billets in Devizes. Some of the photographs show their wives or female members of family, all wearing hats, among the crowds.

People are also gathered on the balcony of the former Ailesbury Court Hotel and another photograph shows men from the 7th battalion making an early trench in the Rockley downs.

It is part of the Call to Arms exhibition being hosted by the Marlborough History Society at St Peter’s Church in the High Street.

It features letters, stories and other archive images that visitors can see until January 30. There are also information panels and an interactive video display, which include facts that have been gathered from all across Wiltshire from museums and history societies.

Marlborough residents can learn about their First World War history through the story of the Army Service Corps (ASC), based in Marlborough from 1915.

This exhibition is part of the Wiltshire at War: Community Stories five-year project funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund project, aiming to bring people together from across Wiltshire to discover, explore and share stories about Wiltshire’s response to the First World War.

The photographs have been printed thanks to Marlborough Photo and the exhibition is also running as a combined with the Marlborough WW1 photographic exhibition. St Peter’s Church is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4.30pm and Sundays 10am to 3pm.