PEOPLE across Wiltshire will be able to look back at their childhood years of making Airfix kits after a Neston man published a book covering its fascinating history.

The book, entitled Sixty Years Of Airfix Models, by Jeremy Brook, 65, of Elley Green, compiles the history of famous Airfix construction kits from 1952 up to the early 2016 releases.

The book was released nationwide by Crowood publishers, a Wiltshire publisher based in Ramsbury.

Mr Brook said: “It is the book that I think a lot of enthusiasts and modellers wanted to see.

“When you write a book you never know how it is going to be received but I think this one is going to be particularly well received because it is about kits.

“It is still very early days, however, it is just less than a week since it was officially published.

"It is possible that I will bring out a second one. My long term aim is that I would do, in some years time, an update of this book.”

Airfix is a UK manufacturer of injection-moulded plastic scale model kits of aircraft and other objects.

The company was founded in 1939, then owned by Humbrol from 1986 until its financial collapse in August 31, 2006, but since 2007 Airfix has been owned by Hornby.

Mr Brook said: “Not only are all the models mentioned but there are chapters on the artists who created the stunning boxtops and other aspects of the biggest and most famous kit range in the world.

“With Christmas coming it is a perfect gift for the ladies to give their husbands, for all men over 50 will have made Airfix kits in their youth and this will rekindle many happy memories for them.

“I have been making models my whole life and I have always made kits since I was a little boy.

"Since at least the year 1999 I have been running the Airfix Collector’s Club.

“I never threw anything away, so when I look back I look at original stuff.

“I have most of it stashed away in boxes.

“I always liked the air liners and models of the VC10 and the BAC and my first ever kit I remember was the Airfix Spitfire which came out in 1955.”

The book will cost £25.