Police have released the name of a 17-year-old girl found dead in Swindon on Monday.

Lorna Gibbison, of Bishopstone, was found dead by workmen in the courtyard at the side of Alexander House in Fleming Way, Swindon, just after 9am.

Police are still unable to say how she died.

A spokesman said she had moved out of her family home ten days earlier and was living in rented property in Frobisher Drive, Swindon.

"While we are keeping an open mind in respect of Lorna'a tragic death and it is not appropriate to speculate. We are awaiting the result of a post mortem examination which is being carried out at Southmead Hospital today to establish the cause of death.

"We know that Lorna has been undertaking agency work which included, for the past three weeks, working as a part-time waitress at the Harrow Public House in Wanborough, where she was well thought of.

"We believe Lorna finished work at the Harrow Public House at 10.30pm on Friday, September 15, when she was picked up by a taxi, but failed to turn up for work at the pub, as arranged, at 7pm the following day, Saturday, September 16.'' Police are appealing for witnesses as they have no idea of her movements after she left the pub.

The spokesman said: "We need to establish what her movements and contacts were between those times and we make the following appeal: "Anyone who was at the Harrow Public House on the evening of Friday, September 15 and saw or spoke to Lorna, particularly anyone who saw her leave. We need to find out whether she left alone or in company with someone else.

"We also need to hear from anyone who saw or spoke to Lorna any time after she left the pub in a taxi.

"We are keen to hear from anyone who knows Lorna, particularly friends and colleagues in order that we can build up a detailed picture of her.

"We also need to speak to anyone who can help us piece together Lorna's movements since leaving the family home about ten days ago.

"The location of where Lorna was found is in close proximity to a number of pubs and clubs and it may well be that someone who went there spoke to or saw Lorna.'' Superintendent Richard Rowland said: "At this stage we simply do not know what happened to Lorna, therefore, it is appropriate for us to treat her death as unexplained.

"Extensive resources have been committed to this enquiry which includes especially trained Family Liaison Officers who are working closely with Lorna's family.

"It is vitally important for people to come forward with any information, no matter how small. You may think it is not important or relevant but we would ask you to let us make that decision.

"I would like to reassure the public that there is no reason to indicate that Lorna's death is anything other than an isolated incident. We are doing everything possible to establish the circumstances surrounding the unexplained death.'' Anyone with information is urged to contact Swindon Police on 0845 408 7000, or alternatively, Crimestoppers, the confidential link to the police on 0800 555111.