SHOPPERS could be forgiven for thinking the sun had gone to their heads when they saw Johnny Depp wandering around Swindon.

The actor was spotted in Old Town, the Parks and Lawn in full Pirates of the Caribbean get-up as Captain Jack Sparrow.

But those who did a double take were quick to realise the heart-throb was in fact a look-a-like on the election trail.

The idea was conjured up by Swindon Council's election team in an attempt to publicise the elections on Thursday.

Captain Jack and the election team spent Saturday dishing out balloons and leaflets with details of the election, urging people to vote.

Election manager Sally Sprason said: "We thought it would be something that would really catch the eye and encourage people to wander over and find out what he was doing.

"It certainly worked and we're hopeful that now that people are more aware of the election they will be more inclined to vote."

Sally says that voters can often miss an election because not enough is done to publicise it.

"Because the polling cards come through the post a few weeks before an election it can be so easy to forget all about it by the time it comes round," she said.

"By doing things like this we are making the idea of the election more memorable hopefully making more people aware that they have a vote and should use it."