A MUM asked if she could give her tearaway teen son a last cuddle before he was led away to spend two months behind bars.

Swindon justices ruled that Kenton Knight, 14, could be identified, saying his offences in the community meant he had lost the right to remain anonymous.

He was found to be in breach of an anti-social behaviour injunction little more than a month after it was made by Swindon magistrates.

Knight’s Mum asked custody officers if she could give the teen a cuddle before he was taken down. She said: “So he’s going to be away for Christmas. He’s only a boy.”

Sentencing him to a two-month detention and training order, magistrates accused Knight of having shown a complete disregard for court orders.

In October, 14-year-old Knight from Walcot, Swindon was handed a 12-month anti-social behaviour injunction banning him from being at Cavendish Square, Sussex Place shops in Walcot, Buckhurst Community Centre and the Queens Drive Burger King unless he was with a parent or guardian.