ROWDY revellers are making life a misery for neighbours in a Royal Wootton Bassett street by having sex in their gardens and dumping urine-filled beer cans.

One woman fed up with the anti-social behaviour is leaving her home on Sparrow Lane, despite only moving in this year.

Jennie Ann Boreham had a six-foot fence put up after people had sex in her garden in the early hours of the morning.

Now the town council is considering taking ownership of the road in a bid to tackle the problem.

Ms Boreham said: “There are condoms, bottles and cans outside all the time. I recently tipped a beer can out into some weeds and my neighbour Emma said, ‘that’s not beer Jennie, that’s urine’.

“It’s a nice little town and some people have been really friendly but with the nightclub there it’s all going to carry on. It’s been a bad few months since I moved here from East Sussex and I just want to return home now.”

Her neighbour Emma Cole made an impassioned plea to locals to take better care of the area.

She said on a RWB community Facebook page: “The area surrounding our property is overgrown, dirty and unkempt. Our experience has been that some local residents have added to the unpleasantness of the area, we assume as they believe that no-one cares for the area and have written it off as a dumping ground.

“Directly outside my property is graffiti on the wall, litter is frequently left in the gardens immediately next to the property, people have broken into our garden in the early hours of the morning and had sex in the weeds. None of this is acceptable.”

Town mayor Steve Bucknell said the town council might buy the road and the surrounding area from Wiltshire Council. He is discussing the idea of creating a small park to provide a haven for tired shoppers.

He said: “There’s a lack of privacy there, a lack of amenity, it really isn’t the ideal location for a residential property.

“We must do everything we can to stamp out anti-social behaviour and hopefully the creation of the ‘pocket park’ will help to improve the area and make it a much more pleasant place to live.”

A spokesman for Wiltshire Council said: “We have no formal agreement with the town to look after this area. However, we are happy to work with the community to enhance services and we would support the town council or any other community group in improving areas."

"This year we will spend over £2.5 million on litter collection, which if waste was disposed of correctly could be spent on other vital services.”