A BAND who ignored do not enter signs and climbed on top of Silbury Hill to play reggae tunes has apologised for trespassing on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Brother From Another posted a video on social media of the five piece jamming on top of the hill, next to the A4 near Avebury, which is thought to date back to 2400 BC.

They have now said sorry and urged people not to climb onto the site which is also a sacred place of pilgrimage.

Minutes after posting the video it started receiving complaints, with others pointing out that the area is of great heritage importance and is unsafe to climb. The video has since had over 16,000 views.

The band said: "We have realised that we’ve made a big error of judgement. We only meant it as a bit of fun. There was only a small ‘no entry’ sign right next to a big hole in the fence, and we didn’t know or understand that it was a world heritage site or that it was private property.

"We’ve had so many nice comments about making this video, which we appreciate, but there have also been a few people who have been upset by it, which was never our intention! We sincerely apologise to anyone who has been upset by this, and would not encourage people to climb Silbury Hill and to respect that it shouldn’t be climbed and is a world heritage."

The stunt has been described as an "outrage and a blight on any right-minded, decent person's sense of heritage" while others called for people to enjoy the music and accept the band's apology.