CHEF Peter Vaughan is joining in the Government’s healthy eating campaign by getting children to understand how their ancestors made bread.

Mr Vaughan, who runs The Bistro and Vaughan’s Cookery School in Devizes, has been teaching Year 5 children at St Margaret’s Preparatory School in Calne how old methods are sometimes the best as they are the most natural.

His lessons come at a time when parents are being advised to cut out sugary snacks from their children’s diet in a bit to beat obesity.

He said: “'Teaching the science and craft of bread making to the children at St Margaret's affords them an extremely important life skill. Through the sessions we learn that good wholesome grains and flour, many of which have grown organically here in Wiltshire for hundreds of years, produce incredibly delicious and highly nutritional bread. There is no need for the use of additives, especially no added sugar.

"As the children learn to make their various breads they are also learning age old skills such as understanding fermentation, culinary mathematics and portioning.”