A RANGE of pilates and physiotherapy sessions to motivate, strengthen and tackle injuries is now available in Malmesbury.

The Courtyard Clinic, which moved to the town at the end of last year, provides residents with a mix of pilates and physiotherapy sessions to tackle injuries and improve sports performance.

Clinic director, Jo Turner, said: “We are really looking forward to meeting and working with the people of Malmesbury, as well as contributing to projects and events going on in the town and local area.

“Whether we are providing physiotherapy, pilates or a combination of the two, our approach is to provide a tailored service that really involves you in the process.

“Good physiotherapy or pilates teaching isn’t just seeing the damaged part and fixing it, it is also about helping you understand how you got to that injured state and how to find your way back, stronger and more informed, so that you can avoid getting hurt in the same way again.”

For more information, please visit: www.courtyardclinic.com/malmesbury.