MORE partially sighted and blind people will be able to keep up with the news published in the Gazette and Herald thanks to a grant from the Gannett Foundation.

The Devizes Talking Newspaper was awarded £600 by the Gazette's publisher earlier this month so that the organisation could complete its transition from CDs to USB flash drives.

Alan Truscott, vice chairman of the management committee, said: "Earlier this year we moved from cassettes and CDs to flash drives and we did that as a trial to make sure it worked for our existing 40 or so clients and it worked so well that we have been inundated with enquiries.

"The grant caught us completely off guard because we weren't expecting the reaction to our transition and I think some of the younger generation has seen the changes in technology and really got on board with it.

"We need three flash drives for each person as we work on a rotation system, so the money will go towards buying some new drives and hopefully help us with some publicity in the next few months."