SCOUTS, Cubs, Brownies and Guides will be playing a big part in Armistice Day and Remembrance Day events this weekend in Chippenham.

On Saturday at 11am, six buglers between the ages of eight and 12 will play Last Post and Reveille on the Town Hall steps. They will be amongst the youngest to do so.

Four of them will play again on Remembrance Day.

There will also be a special evening service for the Youth Organisations on Saturday, who will be honouring the memory of Lieutenant William "Billy" Granger of the Wiltshire Regiment, a former Scout and Scout leader in Chippenham and later Swindon.

Billy died from wounds he received during the Battle of the Menin Road Ridges, near Ypres in Belgium.

Chris Jones, Scout leader at 10th Chippenham Air Scout Troop, said: "The idea behind honouring the memory of one man is that we start to keep individual names and memories alive.

"Rather than having our young people hear about the sacrifice of the many on an impersonal basis if we can tell them about the life of one man then hopefully they will start to engage and ask questions about their own past."

One of the Explorer Scouts will be delivering a short play to the young people about Billy's life in Chippenham and the army.