GIANT birds have been causing a bit of a flap in the Devizes area after appearing to wander from their usual habitats on the look out for company.

On Sunday a motorist got a bit of shock when a large bird, originally thought to be an ostrich and then an emu, was seen on a country road between Devizes and Bishops Cannings.

The driver rang 999 when she saw the bird on the Horton Road near the Bridge Inn.

The fire service despatched an animal welfare officer but by the time he arrived there was no sign of it.

It was later reported that it had been rounded up and taken by owners to its nearby barn.

A spokesman for Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "We got a report of an ostrich on the road but it could have been an emu. I expect when you are surprised to see something that big you could take it for either."

On Tuesday there was the rather more common sight of a swan wandering the roads close to The Crammer but it caused a bit of excitement when it stopped to gaze into the window of Country Curios in Sidmouth Street.

Hannah King, who works in the shop, said: "It went into the door way of the shop, local people came to take pictures of it. It was absolutely fine and very calm.

"We managed to catch it and it has now been returned to the Crammer."