I WAS deeply disappointed with the recent decision of the United States to apply tariffs to our steel and aluminium exports and I spoke in parliament to highlight the fact that the UK produces some high-value steel, some of which cannot be sourced in the US.

I asked the International Trade Secretary what more can be done to promote the fantastic manufacturing we have here in Britain to overseas countries and I am heartened that the Government will continue to press for permanent exemptions to these damaging tariffs.

I am proud to be part of the team bringing a ban on ivory as a DEFRA parliamentary private secretary and working on getting the law passed. Tackling plastic waste, banning ivory and cracking down on animal cruelty are some of the important areas we have been working on and which I am passionate about.

I was delighted to meet residents of Murhill and representatives of Network Rail to discuss the need to reduce light pollution around Freshford Station.

Many local residents have been in touch with me to raise their concerns that the installation of new lighting and removal of vegetative screening was not properly consulted on and is having a terrible impact on residents and the local protected bat community.

I am pleased that Network Rail has agreed to carry out a visual impact assessment and look at restoring the vegetative screening and I will press to ensure that this is done in a timely manner.

With Parliament in recess I have been able to spend a fantastic week here in the constituency. I took full advantage of the good weather to go knocking door to door to speak directly to residents about any local or national issues they may have as well as doubling the number of open drop-in events I usually hold.

I am currently working on securing reduced speed limits on a number of residential roads in Chippenham, tackling issues with street lighting in Bradford on Avon and working to improve road conditions in a number of the rural villages, all things which were highlighted to me at these events. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come and speak to me and for the venues who made these possible. I have another nine drop-in events already planned across the constituency, so please do let me know if you would like the details.

If you would like to get in touch with me either with a local, national or personal issue you would like my support with or if you would like information about forthcoming drop-in events then please phone my office on 01249 704465 or email me direct on michelle.donelan.mp@parliament.uk.