THIS week I was proud to lay the Government’s Energy Price Cap Bill before the House. The Bill has been in planning for some time, with many iterations over the last few years.

However, the Bill that we have announced this week will cap energy prices for those on the poorest value tariffs, who are paying about £1.4 billion more than they should.

We have one of the most competitive energy markets in the world, and billions of pounds of investment over the last few years has led to real improvements in the energy market, with the ‘Big 6’ now opened up to competition from more than 60 energy companies across the country.

This has meant that for the many customers who are switching their energy suppliers, the market is now working well.

However, the almost 11 million households who are on the poor value tariffs are paying too much for their energy, and this Price Cap Bill will help those households by setting a maximum that people can pay for their energy. This will mean a better value tariff, and a market that works for everybody.

This is one of several money-saving measures that the Government has designed, including smart meters and faster switching – capping costs to deliver an energy supply that is clean, affordable and innovative, and an energy market that delivers the best possible value and service for energy customers.

The other story dominating the news this week is, once again, Brexit, as Jeremy Corbyn set out Labour’s latest Brexit position. I find it fascinating to see the Labour Party’s Brexit ‘hokey cokey’ – they’re in, they’re out, they’re shaking it all about.

It is clear that the Labour Party are more interested in playing political games than delivering a Brexit which works.

If we are in a customs union, we have to be rule takers and we cannot negotiate trade deals with the rest of the world. These are things which we need to rule out if we are going to deliver a smart Brexit.

Locally, I am proud that the Government is investing in first-class housing, fit for the families of our Armed Forces. 322 brand new homes for military families were officially opened on the Ashdown Estate in Tidworth this week, as part of the Army Basing Programme which will provide over £1 billion of investment in the Salisbury Plain area for more than 4,000 troops and their families returning from Germany by 2019.

It is so important that we give our serving men and women a base, so that they and their families can feel they have a home and community wherever they are posted.