THE other day I went to my local book store and just as I went to purchase a book I asked myself: “Is this cheaper online?” This is something that I am sure we all do. But the trouble is with our current climate it is important to support our local independent businesses rather than online chains.

I recently heard that Devizes Books is no longer selling tickets for the Wharf Theatre, which I feel is a real shame. Not only because it seems a shame to lose an old timeless tradition, but also, it had encouraged people into Devizes Books, which is one of our much-loved independent book stores. Devizes Books is one of the only stores in Devizes that has a wide range of books and people on hand to help you find exactly what you are looking for, other than the library, of course.

Having this thought about buying my book online whilst in a book store, upset me a little because it made me think about our society of today and how everything is about speed. The quicker we can get what we need the more likely we are to go with that option, especially if it is cheaper, because people are always looking for the best deals.

But for me personally, there is something magical about actually going into your local store and finding and purchasing the book yourself.

Not just when it comes to books, but this is something that can span a whole host of things.

Whether it be supporting our local cafés or pubs, it is vital to keep our local community going.

Sound Knowledge in Marlborough provides excellent free gigs regularly and is one of the very few record stores around. The more we support, the more they can keep going. Why not get to know who runs your local? You can build up a relationship with them that makes it feel like a family home rather than somewhere you visit from time to time. It keeps things moving forward and takes away the depressing sight of closing down and liquidation signs.

This has become the case with lots of things, for instance, converting to online rather than on paper. I mean, just look at this article for instance, how many of you are reading this out of the newspaper in comparison to online? I was only having a conversation last week about our local paper and how there has been a shift to online readers.

If this continues there will no longer be a need for printing of the paper and hand-held copies will disappear.

Keeping up with modern times is a difficult one because it means losing the novelties of traditions that date back many, many years and not only that, but people's jobs, which I think is a real disaster, and so I urgently encourage people to support our local community.

Each independent business will have its own little quirks and tastes that will be so different from the next, even if they sell the same thing.

There is always something about finding your favourite that makes it special, you’re a regular and part of that community. On 42 reasons why you should support your local business by David Haber, number five says: “Support each other. Why do you need a reason to do that besides the fact that it’s the right thing to do?”

And I think that sums up everything and is a good motto to have for life because people and relationships are what helps us to build memories and to create what we call life.

Nia Powell