Marlborough's first community sale has been hailed a resounding success.

The event, on Saturday, included 60 stalls in town centre streets and even outside homes in Manton and Mildenhall.

Organised by Shirley Pryor, Michelle Luck and Gina Cooke, of Transition Town Marlborough, the sale was designed to make people think twice about throwing away items which may still have some use.

Families and groups took the opportunity of disposing of their unwanted goods to welcome buyers either for their own household funds or for charities.

Ms Cooke said: “As a community event it was very successful with neighbours sharing their drives, cups of tea being made and people chatting.

“As a recycling exercise, we were amazed at the number of people who came from outside the town and wanted to tour around and visit all 60-plus sales venues. This was most unexpected.

“In the short term, this was an excellent way to get the idea across so other communities will organise their own events.

“Then people will not have to drive to Marlborough and tour around in their cars.

“What we are really aiming for is local re-use by local people. People in Pewsey have already shown an interest in running a similar event.”

The organisers said the message of the event was that recycling in this way would reduce energy consumption.

They said re-using items meant new goods did not need to be manufactured, reducing pressure on the earth’s resources, and also reducing the need to use fuel for transportation.

Supporters of local band, Phoenix Brass, commandeered the forecourt at Kennet Tyres’ St Margaret’s Garage, in London Road, for their sale. They also had a stall in High Street.

Spokeswoman Marilyn Mason said: “We had a really good day.

“Our time in the High Street went well and outside Kennet Tyres proved successful too.

“We have raised over £200 for Phoenix Brass funds, saved a lot of things going in rubbish bins and had a great deal of fun doing the sale.

“We were out all day but quite a few people said they would have liked a little longer than the two hours (suggested by the organisers) to get round all the sales on the map.”