The husband of charity worker Emily Noblet told an inquest he had no idea she was contemplating suicide just three months into their marriage.

The 33-year-old fundraiser, who worked at Age UK’s office in Market Place, Devizes, was found at her home, at Willowbrook Farm in Stockley, by her father on December 6, the hearing in Trowbridge was told on Tuesday. She and her French husband, Charles, had only married that September.

“She was very happy when we met, and when we were planning our marriage together and talking about the future,” said Mr Noblet, a technical director for an IT company.

“We had a beautiful wedding. After we went to Cornwall for three days, that was the first time I saw signs she wasn’t with me, from time to time.”

In Cornwall, Mrs Noblet had become increasingly distant and suffered a panic attack.

Mrs Noblet had suffered from an eating disorder, and had been prescribed anti-depressant drugs at university in Oxford in 1997.

Between then and 2003 while living in Oxford, Wiltshire and London, she attempted suicide at least three times, but later showed improvement.

After the episode in Cornwall she was put back on anti-depressants and monitored by Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership.

Mr Noblet said she seemed to be improving, and they planned to visit France before Christmas and then go on honeymoon in Cuba. He said: “She was occasionally a bit depressed at work but, in my mind, far from committing suicide.

“The last time I saw her I was leaving for work and gave her a kiss goodbye, she said to have a good day. I had no idea what she had in her mind, if I had I would never have left.”

On December 6 she told her mental health crisis team she did not want to go on anymore. But she became more positive and made plans for the rest of her day, leading the team to feel she would be safe.

Her father, Nigel Cole, went to see her soon afterwards. He told the hearing: “I went to see her after she had the crisis team to visit.

“She was a bit tearful, but I didn’t see anything which might have warned me. She was going to take the dogs out for a walk.

“I came back round about half an hour later and went looking for her, and I found her in the garage.”

Mr Cole called an ambulance when he saw her hanging. She was rushed to the Royal United Hospital in Bath, but died four days later.

Assistant deputy coroner Claire Balysz recorded a verdict of suicide.

Penny Church, assistant chief executive of Age UK Wiltshire, said: “Emily was a valued colleague for seven years. She had many talents and a great commitment to supporting older people in Wiltshire. “She is remembered with great affection by all those her life touched.”