Fledgling young actor Cameron Strefford is to make an appearance in the Doctor Who Christ-mas special, which he filmed last weekend at a secret location in South Wales.

Cameron, ten, a pupil at Great Bedwyn Primary School, has already appeared before the cameras in the film of the hit musical Les Miserables with Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway and has been seen in a commercial for Morrison’s supermarket.

But this is the first time he has had lines to say and he impressed the rest of the cast and crew with his aplomb.

His mother, Anthea, said: “I watched his takes on the monitor and members of the crew said he came over very well.

“It’s not the way he says his lines, it is the way he comes over on camera. He is quite intuitive and has a good feel for the part.”

Cameron plays a young boy in Victorian times and he has a scene with his screen parents and other children.

His character as an adult is played by a well-known actor, but to say whom it is would be to give away too much of the plot.

Cameron’s mother had to sign a declaration of confidentiality about divulging details of the plot.

Although he did not get to appear with The Doctor himself – Matt Smith – Cameron and his mother shared a taxi back to Cardiff with Neve McIntosh, who plays Madame Vastra.

Cameron is a big Doctor Who fan and was overjoyed to be given a part in the show. He said: “I really enjoyed it. I think Doctor Who is cool.”

Cameron has been acting, singing and dancing since he was six, with Marlborough Stagecoach, and his mother, a former production co-ordinator for the BBC, thought it was time that he took it more seriously.

He auditioned for and was accepted by the Sylvia Young agency, where former clients include Denise van Outen and Billie Piper.

He has had parts in the West End productions of Singin’ in the Rain and the Wizard of Oz, but he was particularly pleased to have been cast, even if only as a “Jet”, in Swindon Youth Project’s recent production of West Side Story, because he was in the show with his best friend, Guy Gardner.