The mental health charity Wiltshire Mind is to close two years after it was stripped of its funding from Wiltshire Council.

The charity will close on December 7, 2012, after it was unable to find alternative core funding.

The trustees announced the decision on Wednesday morning after the charity had tried to support itself financially for two years by using its reserves.

In a statement, the charity’s trustees said: “Having lost its funding in 2010 Wiltshire Mind has been self supporting for the last two years, running from reserves but the charity has found it almost impossible to obtain new funding to run its core services.

“Working in a rural area the charity’s costs are high and it can no longer be self-sustained. With no further funding on the horizon the decision has had to be made now that services will close.”

Wiltshire Mind’s clients have been informed that all information and support groups will close during the week beginning November 12 and the counselling service will also wind up then.

The Charity Commission and Companies House are being informed.

General manager Carolyn Long said: “This decision has been taken with great reluctance but sadly there seems to be no alternative as we have simply not been able to find the money needed to run Wiltshire Mind on a day-to-day basis.

“We are making every effort to signpost our service users to other organisations and will work to the end to ensure that we offer them all possible support.

“We are also ensuring that our staff, who have shown great dedication, are supported throughout this difficult time and in seeking future employment.

“We are still hoping even at this late stage that funds might be found and if enough funding can be obtained we would be delighted to continue what is a valued and much needed service.“

The charity was founded in 1993 to provide care and information for people experiencing mental distress.